How to Make Direct Loans Payment Online

Direct Loans Payment

Direct Loans Payment

Students and their parents are given the opportunity to acquire loans from the government of the United States government so that their can have their education financed. The primary form of such loan is called the Stafford Loan, which is a FDSLP or Federal Direct Student Loan Program variation. Said FDSLP loans are otherwise known as direct loans. When the time comes that the student or his parents needs to pay the loan, they would not have to go to any particular agency and forward the payment personally. Now, all the student has to do is to access the information on his loan online and he can also make the payment on the same. Here’s the way on how one can may a direct loan payment online.


The first step that you need to do in order to make a direct loans payment online is to visit the page on Federal Student Loan Servicing. This page is also known as the Direct Loan Servicing Center. Click the option that says your account and you would be asked to have your social security number types in. Following this set of numbers would be your last name’s first 2 letters, birth date and lastly, your PIN number. When you do this, the account’s summary will be shown to you and make sure that the stipulated data in the same is correct. The next step in making direct loans payment is look for the option that says Make Online Payment. The same is under the Your Direct Loans option. Scroll down when you are directed to another page. You will eventually see a box that is light blue in color that says Make a One-time Payment. Input the necessary information like the date and amount of payment and the bank information. After that, have the option that says Schedule Payment clicked.


Doing direct loans payment online is very easy and it will only take you a few minutes to do it. But you must always review the information that you see on the screen before doing the last step. And when that is done, you will get a confirmation that the payment schedule as been set.



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